Be Part of an Exceptional Team

DDI excels in project management services and customer relationships to deliver an exceptional customer experience and project outcomes we believe are second to none in the industry.


In any role at DDI, teammates can pursue career growth while learning and making an impact. As a fairly small team, our teammates are not just a number. Every individual has the opportunity to make a difference!

We love the construction industry and teaming up with our customers! The ever-changing nature of our project work dictates we maintain a responsive and nimble work environment. We embrace and support the needs of our customers through our disciplined project management and problem-solving processes.


DDI provides an ideal learning environment to support personal growth and advancement. We understand the importance of mentoring new teammates and providing opportunities to advance. Every function at DDI has a career ladder – essentially a structure in place to ensure our teammates learn, advance, and are supported in their career growth.


We believe everyone is an equal at DDI. We minimize bureaucracy and hierarchy allowing each person’s unique skill set and personality to shine through in their work. The culture reflects this structure when people experience firsthand support and care from their teammates. We recognize the whole person and work to support teammates with challenges and opportunities in their professional and personal lives.


Our Core Values


The best teams have a shared camaraderie and are collectively laser focused on the outcomes they can achieve together.


We deliver an exceptional customer experience and ultimately peace of mind.

The Collective Good

Our actions are guided by the collective good, rooted in the pursuit of project and long-term relationship outcomes versus individual success.

Camaraderie looks like:

  • A team spirit that’s laser focused on customer outcomes, while recognizing each team member’s individual contribution
  • Company sponsored events for teammates to get to know each other outside of the professional work environment
  • An openness to the opportunities that diversity creates, and the expectation that employees get to know each other to celebrate that diversity

Excellence looks like:

  • Taking care of the details and delivering the right product and the right time
  • Gathering customer feedback and monitoring trends to ultimately fuel continuous improvement and getting a little better every day
  • A drive to be an industry leader by staying ahead of the competition

The Collective Good looks like:

  • An inspired drive to perform at our best, because we inherently understand how our performance sets up the entire team for success
  • Leaning into the inner connectedness of our teammates, customers, and suppliers ……..we all win when the customer’s project goals are achieved
  • Establishing trust and strong relationships by taking the long view and doing what’s right

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